With the recent global health crisis many exhibitions have been moved online and the way in which the arts community engages has adjusted. I feel very appreciative of the relationships with the galleries and artists and for their support, community, and energy as we move to a different way of exhibiting.


2023 Roving exhibition, "Know your enemy, then love them", New Zealand


2023 Nelson Jewellery Week, New Work - Contained / Uncontainment
2023 Handshake vii, Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
2022 Contained/Uncontained, Pah Homestead, Auckland, New Zealand
2021 Tincal Lab, Nature Challenge, Porta, Portugal, Dec
2021 Contained/Uncontained, HSDC colab, Radiant Pavillion, Melbourne, Australia, Sept
2021 Distance, Lacuna, Canary Islands
2021 CHAINreaction-Handshake, Refinery ArtSpace, Nelson, NZ, March
2020 Lalbeyou - Broken Beauty, Alliages, Madrid, Spain, November
2020 Atta Gallery - New Gallery space 10 year anniversary show, Bangkok, Dec
2020 The Conventional Reformed, HS, Stanley Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, Oct
2020 Atta Gallery -10 year anniversary show, Bangkok, Aug
2020 Athens Jewellery Week, Greece, 26 - 31 May (Online)
2020 Melting Point, Alliages, Valencia, Spain, April 30 - May 3
2020 Broken Beauty, Alliages, Munich, Germany, (Schmuck Week)
2019 Jewellery and Anatomy, Tincal Lab, Porta, Portugal, Oct
2019 Broken Beauty, Alliages, Illes, France, Dec
2019 Jewellery and Anatomy, Tincal Lab, Porta, Portugal, Oct/Dec
2019 HS in dialogue with CODA collection, CODA Museum, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, Sep-Dec
2019 Multiples, CODA Museum, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands Sep-Dec
2019 A Jewellers Game, Studio One, Auckland, Dec
2019 SPACE Collaboration, Te Uru Contemporary Gallery, Auckland
2019 no thing (Solo), The SeeHere, Wellington, February/March
2018 Chaos, Alliages, Madrid, Spain, Nov - Dec
2018 Latent, Online exhibition (Solo) as part of Handshake 4, Dec
2018 Chaos, Melting Point, Alliages, Valencia, Spain, May
2018 SUPERPOSITION, Stanley Street Gallery, Melbourne, April
2018 Process, Handshake 4, Toi Poneke, Wellington, March
2018 Impossible Architecture (Solo), The SeeHere, Wellington, March
2018 Chaos, Alliages, Schmuck, Munich, March
2018 Process, Handshake 4, Toi Poneke, Wellington, March
2018 CHAINreaction, Atta Gallery, Bangkok, Jan- Feb
2018 Chaos, Alliages, Lille, France, Dec
2017 Leanings, Handshake 4, Pah Homestead, Auckland Oct - Dec
2017 Música, Tincal Gallery, Portugal, Oct
2017 Alumni Show, Fingers Gallery, Auckland, Oct
2017 Climate Of Thought (Solo), Radiant Pavilion, Melbourne, Aug - Sept
2017 Graduate Metal XV Show, First Site Gallery, Melbourne, Aug - Sept
2017 So Fresh + So Clean: 4th Annual Ethical Metalsmiths International Award Show, Sept
2017 Nexus (Solo), Quoil Gallery, Wellington, Feb
2017 Wearable Expressions 7th International Exhibition, Palos Verde Art Center, California, Jan - April
2016 'Continuum'(Solo), The See Here, Wellington
2016 The 3rd International Biennial of Contemporary Metal Art, METALLOphone:Bonds, (AV17) Gallery, Lithuania
2016 Marzee International Graduate Show, Netherlands | link
2016 Fingers Graduate Award Exhibition, Auckland | link 2016 Playthings, Arts Council Nelson, Nelson
2016 Molly Morpeth 3D Award Show, Whakatāne Museum, Whakatāne | link
2016 Locked Rooms (Solo) Toi Pōneke, Wellington Arts Center | install | opening | toi poneke interview | WCC Article
2016 The Way of Matter, ObjectSpace, Auckland
2016 Four(tune), Quoil Gallery, Wellington
2016 Whio, Quoil Gallery, Wellington
2015 Toast Exhibition, Pataka Art Museum, Porirua
2015 Vivien Atkinson's Salon Rouge, Anna Miles Gallery, Auckland
2015 R.A.W. Gallery One on Eight, Auckland
2015 Tales Untold (Solo), Visual Culture, Wellington | install | opening
2015 Tactile, In Good Company, Wellington
2015 Time Ripened, reSPACE, Wellington
2015 Corrugated Colour, Visual Culture, Wellington
2015 Guild Gallery, Dunedin
2014 12+ Artists 12+ Days Exhibition, reSPACE, Wellington
2014 Hoot Exhibition, reSPACE, Wellington
2014 Cahoot Exhibition, Toi Pōneke, Wellington Arts Center
2014 Friends of Pataka, Arts Award Exhibition, Pataka Art Museum, Porirua
2013 By my Hand, New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington
2013 Contemporary Wellington: A jewellery sampler, Occupation Artist Gallery, Wellington