Rob Koudjis Galarie

Sometimes wonderful, magical, things happen unexpectedly.

I booked accommodation for myself and my dear friend, Camille, in Amsterdam for a couple of nights before we headed off to Njmegen for the Galerie Marzee opening.

We arrived late in the day and it was raining. In the morning I went for an early walk and found that I was sleeping above the Rob Koudjis Contemporary Jewellery Gallery.

Sleeping 3 levels above a gallery I've wanted to visit for years and I had no idea when I booked?! The universe was looking after me.

I was a tiny bit gutted when I realised it was closed throughout my entire stay, but I like to think I'm one of the few contemporary jewellers who's been able to stay above the gallery and lived and breathed the space it occupies for a few days!

2016 RobKoudjisGalarie 01

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