Art you can dismantle

RothschildToothAndClawThe showing of Eva Rothschild’s, Kosmos, at the Wellington City Gallery couldn’t have happened at a better time for me. I’ve already been looking at her work intently over the last few months so the opportunity to see it in person is an excellent opportunity.

While the above work, ‘Tooth and Claw’ (2018), isn’t part of the show, it’s one that resonates with me with. I particularly like the use of the pared-back colour palette and, despite its strong form, sense of delicacy.Whattheeyewants

Her use of form, interactivity, and space is inspiring as I think about these elements while making work for the Te Uru show. In the, yet to be named, Te Uru show each member of the Handshake 5 group is asked to respond to one of the unique gallery spaces at the museum. At this stage, I’m working with a central space with a series of free-standing totems.

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