Mind Geometry

The way in which we view the world always fascinates me. Our perception is based on the lens through which we look.348358171 1292796368323366 5968879101212570217 n

Living my life like it's golden

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One should always make time for gratitude and thanks. My life revolves around three beings who are represented by these three golden circles.


Inspired by JellyFish this series explores the majesty and beauty of this animal. Without brains, blood or a heart it is a remarkable being.JellyFish


Yes, No, Maybe

“The oldest, shortest, words,
'yes' and 'no',
are those which require the most thought.”

  • Pythagoras

This series is an imagined alphabet based on some of the shortest and, potentially, most powerful and definite words in the English language. Yes and No. One of the most watery and indistinct words has been added to this strong pairing... "Maybe".

Now and Then - A pendulum

“Now and then it is good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy”

  • Guillaume Apollinaire

As with a pendulum, it is easy to be constantly chasing… swinging from state-to-state.

Pausing and just being is more important than perpetual motion- in the silent intervals we can find peace.

Lockdown Ball and Chain

BallandChain SuperLowRes%20%281%29The ball and chain was a historical restraint applied to prisoners.

During Lockdown, the restrictions placed on society could be seen as operating in a similar way to this device. They contain individuals within a specific location and limit their movements inside it, while often expecting them to continue to work.

My Heart

Weapons and Disposal- Worry Beads

When looking at the idea of "Worry Beads" a different angle was taken. Rather than approaching it through the comforting lens of self-soothing, a more aggressive approach is taken. It's veiwed through the uncomfortable times in which we're currently living.

Worrying times.

Only the brave

What was deemed to be valuable is changing as individuals around the planet move to more ecologically friendly alternatives to traditional riches. No longer is jewellery just a diamond set in gold. As our personal values change people are investing in resources that were not previously seen of worth. With this, the concept of what qualifies as 'precious' is being altered.

Go Big or Go Home

"Living my life like it's golden"

Belonging and
s e p a r a t e n e s s

We live in a world in which we’re forced to live on top of one other yet, as individuals within a society, we’re becoming more and more isolated. The idea of belonging (being part of something bigger than ourselves) and s e p a r a t e n e s s (being dislocated from others) is the concept upon which this “totem” was built.

Nocebo Effect

The Nocebo Effect is a detrimental effect on health produced by factors such as the psychological expectation of negative results from treatment or prognosis. In this series, I continue my exploration of the “Placebo Effect” by investigating the internal thought processes and bodily reactions associated with this opposite effect.

No thing

"no thing to see here"

Impossible Architecture

“For the palace was but emptiness, a hole in a labyrinth of lines.”

Placebo Effect

The placebo effect is a beneficial outcome from an inert treatment- although we all react differently to its influence, none of us are immune from its effects.


Magic- an age old part of the human psyche. The place in between the now and the what might be.


The contrast between light and shadow is regularly used to outline an allegorical understanding of good and bad. In the physical world there is only the presence of light, and the absence of it. So too in humans there is wickedness; and there is the presence or absence of good. The continuum of varying degrees of good is present in us all.

Milk and Honey

In the series 'Milk and Honey' Nik Hanton re-purposes luxury items from the 1950s and in so doing generates one final act of respect for the materials, thereby saving them from obsolescence. In creating these works she acknowledges the culture of creative repair and re-doing that was emblematic of that time.

Locked Rooms

We all have locked rooms inside us and find our own way to secure them. We encase them, we stitch them, we bind them, we bury them, and, regardless of their weight, we carry the burden alone.

Memory Palaces

We lock our raw memories in miniature palaces to retrieve and examine from every angle. Our distance from them doesn't make them any less real, only more bearable.

Tales Untold

These visual memoirs map the narrative of our lives. They tell of our unique ability to evaluate our past and under its impact on our present. We are all at the intersection of incomplete stories.

70s Baby, 80s Child

Childhood is a time that shapes us possibly more than any other. In this series I use colour palettes, materials and techniques emblematic of the decades in which I grew. Pairing discarded kauri and heart rimu with the ever-present pine and engineered wood, the pieces are a nod to the DIY culture of Aotearoa.

Never Mind Your Happiness

This series explores the concept of Duty by examining the internal mental world of the do-er, and the external world of the perceptions of those witnessing the acts.


Our identity as individuals is inextricably intertwined with our past. As much as we value our separateness and the unique space we inhabit, we must also acknowledge our interconnection with the members of our clan and those who have gone before us.